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                                                   8 secrets to write a quality author bio

      It is important to know the things to include in an author bio. This article will discuss in detail the 8 secrets to write a quality author bio.

  1. It is important to have three versions of a bio: An extended bio for your website, proposals, and interviews; an average length bio for guest spots on other websites and shorter marketing material; and a short bio for limited character social media websites.

  2. Attract and hold the attention: It is important to write something unique about yourself which the readers will remember.

  3. The bio will change dramatically as your career advances: Your 2010 bio will not be the same as your 2007 bio. Bio’s change dramatically as your career advances so it’s important to update the bio every time when do something commendable. 

  4. Photo: If possible, have a professional photographer take a quality photo of you for the bio.

  5. Achievement: It is important to start with your greatest achievement and brag a little about it.

  6. Education: Mentioning your degree is fine if it’s relevant but if you have a Ph.D. in psychology and you changed careers to write children’s books then it is important to leave the degree out. 

  7. Always write in the third person: In bios, it is recommended to refer yourself as a third person rather than using pronouns.

  8. Read it aloud: It is important to read your bio aloud after you finish writing so that you know immediately if something doesn’t sound right.